Emergency tasks demand the extra dependability that only Argo can provide. The 8x8 Argo XTVs overcome all terrain and weather conditions to transport personnel and equipment to and from the emergency site, quickly and safely. Add Argo to your rescue fleet for the response you need when the odds are stacked against you.

Make Argo part of your emergency preparedness plan with Argo's outfitted to deliver essential mobile systems and equipment, from sprayers and pumps to generators, cranes and winches. Argo’s load carrying capacity gives emergency planners total flexibility to deliver the right personnel and supplies with every trip to the site – up to 6 passengers or as much as 3,500 lb (1588 kg) of payload.

You don’t have a choice in where accidents will happen. But you do have a choice for a vehicle that can get you there, with Argo.

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Search & Rescue
Argo lets your search team cover more ground faster, with less foot work required to explore the out-of-the-way niches of rough terrain. Add-on equipment such as winches and stretchers give team members the tools and the safety to extricate and evacuate injured parties and get them home safely. 

Emergency Medical Services
Argo XTVs are in service in extreme terrain with ambulance roles, providing the mobility to get through all types of obstacles to reach the injury site. When time is of the essence, Argo lets you take the most direct route. The add-on stretcher attachment and built-in resistance to roll-overs means patients are delivered securely and quickly to get the medical attention they need.

Remote Fire Fighting
When fire breaks out, there’s no time to wait for heavy equipment to find its way in. Argo's are ready in an instant to deploy firefighters, complete with the spray and foaming equipment to suppress fire on the spot. Put the same XTV system to work to protect vulnerable sites with fire retardants to help prevent fires before they start. 

Hazmat Response
Wherever dangerous spills or leaks occur, Argo gets your response team on-site fast to keep the hazard contained and let the clean-up begin. It’s tough work, but with capacity for a crew of 6 plus while towing another 2,000 lb (907 kg) of equipment and supplies behind, Argo lets you keep tough problems under control. 

Railroad Derailment
Making sure goods and personnel reach their destinations is a top priority when a train derails. As a quick response support vehicle, Argo is ready to extricate the injured to medical assistance or transport up to 6 passengers to safety. With an impressive carrying and towing capacity, Argo delivers supplies and power tools to help crews restore service quickly. With a wide range of attachments also available including winches, cranes, generators or welding units, your shop on wheels can get to where it has to go.