For government fleet planners, Argo rental operators provide the ultimate in flexible vehicle solutions to fill the gaps in your existing equipment complement.

With the amphibious, all-terrain, all-weather capabilities to meet every mobility requirement, Argo UTVs also adapt quickly to every need for specialized service support. Have your Argo fitted with your choice of cargo box, flat deck, dump box or seating module to suit any payload. Use its universal attachment deck to set up easily for heavy-duty tasks such as mobile power, drilling, hoisting, plowing and pumping. Or add rubber tracks to the 8x8 wheelbase for sure-footed, low impact travel on snow, muskeg or fragile terrain.

Whatever work needs to be done, you can count on Argo for complete safety of your crew and cargo. Choosing Argo means you roll out with the best possible protection against roll-over hazards, built with the industry’s lowest center of gravity plus add-on ROPS, canvas sidewalls and end-to-end dependability to get home safe.

Fire & Rescue
Emergency tasks demand the extra dependability that only Argo can provide. The 8x8 Argo's overcome all terrain and weather conditions to transport personnel and equipment to and from the emergency site, quickly and safely.
Make Argo part of your emergency preparedness plan with UTVs outfitted to deliver essential mobile systems and equipment, from sprayers and pumps to generators, cranes and winches. Argo’s load carrying capacity provides the flexibility to deliver the right personnel and supplies with every trip to the site – up to 6 passengers.

Law Enforcement
Officers can search remote locations easily and safely in an Argo. On patrol or in pursuit, Argo's overcome all obstacles, from woodlands and broken terrain to marshes and water courses, to cover more ground without delay. For long range operations, Argo’s optional 4-point helicopter lift kit provides the ultimate in rapid deployment.
With a variety of add-on tools and equipment, the Argo can expand the mobile capabilities of any unit such as surveillance and listening posts, mobile power, heavy lifting, spraying or towing and recovery.

Flooded areas, wetlands and stagnant river beds serve as breeding grounds for all types of insects. Argo's can be your best weapon against any type of outbreak. Compared to heavy off-road machinery, Argo is also the low cost solution for controlling weeds or hazardous spills, anywhere spraying equipment has to operate even on difficult slopes and embankments.
Equally at home in land-based and water-borne applications, Argo has the versatility to take your crew and gear over land, through mud and across the water to reach insect pests everywhere. Move seamlessly from land to water without stopping for any vehicle preparation.

Disaster Response
When disaster strikes, every emergency site becomes an extreme site. Usual terrain obstacles like hills and streams are severely compounded by strewn debris, washouts and compromised structures.
Argo combine industry-leading stability with ground pressure that’s light as your footstep to negotiate the most treacherous conditions. Deliver recovery crews and their equipment safely, with Argo dependability to keep them mobile and well supplied. Argo’s fully sealed body and integral skid plate prevents crippling damage to the vehicle so the Argo's can stay on the job and complete every mission.
When storm waters surge in and river beds overflow, Argo's move seamlessly from land to water without stopping for any vehicle preparation.

Special Events
Argo makes sure you get the job done. Argo UTVs push the limits of rugged working vehicles for working people and their equipment to get into play quickly. Having Argos as part of your rental strategy and equipment mix, means increased utilization all year ‘round.