Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

The long arm of the law reaches out further with Argo 8x8 mobility. Officers can search remote locations easily and safely in an Argo.

On patrol or in pursuit, Argo's overcome all obstacles, from woodlands and broken terrain to marshes and water courses, to cover more ground without delay. For long range operations, Argo’s optional 4-point helicopter lift kit provides the ultimate in rapid deployment.

Argo has proven its versatility in service with military, search & rescue and robotic surveillance duty. Argo recently partnered in the development of a remote-operated platform for Canadian airport security to handle suspicious packages in baggage facilities safely.

With a variety of add-on tools and equipment, the Argo can expand the mobile capabilities of any unit such as surveillance and listening posts, mobile power, heavy lifting, spraying or towing and recovery.

The amphibious ARGO 8x8 is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the commercial off-road vehicle market, transporting people and equipment through challenging terrain.

These unique extreme terrain vehicles have a proven record in numerous markets including utility, exploration, mining, forestry and the public sector. ARGO vehicles can be equipped with high performance tracks, cargo / dump box, crane or drill providing a lower cost solution in comparison to more expensive tracked vehicles.

Available for purchase under the 1122 Program for counter-drug activities.

Contract Period: March 30, 2010 – March 29, 2015


Performance, durability, ride comfort and reliability must be taken into consideration to ensure you get the best possible value off-road machine available. ARGO transports crew and equipment through miles of challenging terrain.Tremendous traction and maneuverability, offers year round operation. The most efficient, versatile amphibious off-road vehicle in the world.

The ARGO line up vehicles is perfect for...

Border Patrol
Our Border Control Division has bought a fleet of 8x8 ARGO's to efficiently counter attack drug trafficing. We are surprised by the amazing off-road capabilities of the units in the mountains and flooded areas normally inaccessible to traditional vehicles "J. R. Law Enforcement Officer"

Fire Fighting and Prevention 
"ARGO really makes our job easier cris-crossing through the mountains,carrying our teams and hundreds of lbs. of equipment to the disaster point. I wouldn't trade our ARGO's for anything, we tried track-type equipment, but was inoperable after a few hours of use under these extreme conditions. I highly recommend ARGO for its outstanding capabilities and reliability". - Matthew Fulton, Wildland Firefighter says