Disaster Response

Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, every emergency site becomes an extreme site. Usual terrain obstacles like hills and streams are severely compounded by strewn debris, washouts and compromised structures.

Argo's combine industry-leading stability with ground pressure that’s light as your footstep to negotiate the most treacherous conditions. Deliver recovery crews and their equipment safely, with Argo dependability to keep them mobile and well supplied. Argo’s fully sealed body and integral skid plate prevents crippling damage to the vehicle so it can stay on the job and complete every mission.

When storm waters surge in and river beds overflow, Argo's move seamlessly from land to water without stopping for any vehicle preparation. Where submerged areas make surface conditions uncertain, Argo keeps going – “come hell or high water!”

With its selection of flatbed decks, dump box and add on equipment combined with its amphibious capability and other add-on equipment, your Argo will get to where it has to go to provide those stranded by rising waters. Along with their base load capacity, Argo vehicles pitch-in with the pulling and the hauling to get the supplies to where they are required.

When the going gets tough, they call on the Argo line of XTVs to come to the rescue. Whether it is equipped with a stretcher option to carry people to safety or tools and equipment needed at the ground zero, Argo’s stability even when equipped with a generator, welding equipment, dump box or flatbed, provide the flexibility to be able to respond to the situation.

After the water recedes, the devastation that is left behind is unbelievable. Argo lets your search team cover more ground faster with less footwork required to explore the out-of-the-way regions. Add-on equipment such as winches, ROPS, and stretchers give team members the tools to extricate and evacuate injured parties and supply the tools to other work crews.

Tornados & Hurricanes
After natural disasters hit and the usual terrain has been compromised by collapsed buildings, strewn debris and remnants of what used to be, crews need to get to the heart of the situation in a hurry. The only way to traverse many of these scenes is with an Argo. Equipped with cutting torches, cranes and equipment towed behind in the specially built trailer means that the rescue operations can begin almost immediately.

Snow & Ice Storms
When the weather calls for impassable roads, the only way to safely get there will be with an Argo XTV. Your service crews can get to where they need to go to repair downed power lines or clear right of ways even in extreme weather. Equipped with tracks and full cab with a heater, Argo XTVs let you take the most direct route to respond quickly to any call.