The Ultimate Utility Vehicles

Whether the job is replacing utility poles, mending cables or laying underground pipe, Argo makes sure you can get the job done. Argo pushes the limits of rugged working vehicles so working  people and their equipment can get to the jobsite reliably.

These robust machines have the load-carrying capacity and power to transport transformers, to pull cables or to bore footings on the most remote work sites. Heavy-duty and dependable, Argo's can handle rocks, hills, sand dunes and rivers while carrying up to 1,500 lb. (680 kg) of payload.

Every Argo is engineered to prevent the delays that keep other vehicles from completing their mission: less underbody damage, less overheating, fewer hang-ups on obstacles. All that and Argo’s renowned durability mean less downtime for your vehicle, so there’s less downtime from your crews.

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Power Lines
Argo can take your service crews where they need to go to repair downed lines or clear rights of way – even in extreme weather. Cross-country or crossing water courses, Argo XTVs let you take the most direct route to respond quickly to any call. Scrambling over rock, gliding over snow and bog, Argo is the way to go when you have to get there.

Gas Pipeline
Your maintenance and repair crews will get to any jobsite safely in an Argo utility vehicle. Engineered to minimize heat and spark hazards, Argo ensures an extra measure of safety in fire-prone bush areas and grasslands. Its low center of gravity handles bulky loads without tipping, even on the most challenging terrain.

Don’t let snow, treacherous terrain or hazardous weather get in the way of your network’s reliability. Argo 8-wheeled XTVs overcome every obstacle so your crews can get to remote towers and cables and keep your lines open. Turn your Argo into a mobile tool shop with add-ons like winches, generators and jib cranes. Argo's don’t just take you to work – they’re part of the team!

Cable Installation
Argos are tougher than your toughest job. Heavy-duty and dependable, Argo's work their way through muck and swamp, steep ridges and dense bush to get your crews to work. With room for up to 6 passengers plus towing for up to 2,000 lbs (907 kg) in supplies, your team arrives ready for a full day’s work in just one trip.

Renewable Energy
Turn your Argo into an extreme terrain tool shop to arrive at installation sites ready for a productive day’s work. 8x8 mobility means fewer delays in transit. Add-on welders, generators and augers travel along with your crew so they can complete setups faster and move on to the next site.

Selected to represent Duke Energy at the 2015 International Lineman’s Rodeo Competition, Jimmy Bowden has been a lineman for 35 years and is responsible for more than 1,500 square miles of land in central North Carolina. Patrolling an area that includes both the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains as well as countless wetlands, creeks, streams and forests, there is only one vehicle that Jimmy and his crew rely on to get them through the toughest terrain where the cut lines run, the ARGO. Read more

2014 XT Models
The 8x8 XTI is the ultimate all-terrain machine for those who require a durable, robust and dependable job site transporter. Designed for demanding commercial uses, the XTI has what people need to get their job done; large payload capacity, tubular steel frame, sealed axles and comfort for staff. 

The most advanced heavy duty tracked extreme terrain vehicle. All season ARGO 8x8 XT models are reliable partners in the toughest conditions imaginable, safely transporting your crew and gear to remote locations not accessible by traditional vehicles. 

ARGO 8x8 XTI - Specs Video
This 8-wheel-drive amphibious off-road vehicle is powered by a 748cc (45.6 cu. In.) liquid-cooled, V-twin, electronic fuel injected Kohler Aegis engine. The engine provides 30 hp (22.06 kW) and 47.7 lbs. ft. (64.6 Nm) of torque to the ADMIRAL two-speed transmission. It has a load capacity of up to 1,500 lb. / 680 kg on land or 1,000 lb. / 454 kg on water. Can transport up to 4 passengers on land and 2 on water and features a towing capacity of 2,000 lb. / 907 kg.

Applications Utilities and Natural Resources
Whether the job is replacing utility poles, mending cables or laying underground pipe, ARGO makes sure you can get the job done. ARGO pushes the limits of rugged working vehicles so working  people and their equipment can get to the jobsite reliably.

Commercial Applications - Vehicle Solutions
Crews and equipment have to travel miles through challenging terrain to inspect power lines or repair damaged ones. Helicopters or expensive tracked vehicles may be able to get the job done, but at what cost? Today's cost conscious industry leaders rely on ARGO vehicles to get the job done in extremem terrain conditions. ARGO vehicles can transport people, equipment and supplies or pull cables and utility poles to remote work sites.