Rental Opportunities

Cater to your customers’ needs by stocking Argos in your business. Argo goes where traditional UTVs can’t follow. At a fraction of the cost for heavy crawlers and haulers – they’re the perfect fit for a well-balanced mobility fleet.

Argos make it easy to transport up to six passengers wherever outdoor work calls them for special projects, jobsite excursions or routine crew changes and supply runs.

With their new multi-purpose attachment platform plus an array of quick-change flatdecks, dumps and cargo boxes, Argo quickly adapts to the unique needs of any customer – all backed by one of the most responsive engineering teams in the off-road industry

The safety and dependability of Argo's protects your investment as well as your customers. Go with Argo to get your customers off-road, and keep your business on track.

Industrial Rentals
Argos are multi-tasking workhorses, going out on the job season after season. From hauling logs to delivering camp supplies to maintaining tower sites and rights of way, Argo’s versatility is the key to rental success.

Hunters, anglers and campers will love your Argo UTVs for the places they can go and for the gear they trek in. With a total load and tow capacity up to 3,500 lb (1588 kg), big game hunters will have no problem bringing their trophies home. With their industry-leading Safety Stability Factor (SSF), plus 8x8 traction and rugged resistance to damage, Argo's are a safer way to transport customers and their gear to their happiest hunting grounds.

Getting back to nature was never easier – or safer – than in an Argo. Help your customers enjoy pristine wilderness while minimizing their environmental footprint. Argo's are engineered to tread softly - lighter than your own footstep – while their sealed body ensures that no vehicle fluids escape into wilderness soils or water.

Winter Rentals
Unlike snowmobiles and ATVs, most Argo UTVs are fully amphibious, making them a more versatile and safer option for winter recreation and camp sorties. Even if thin ice fails beneath the vehicle, passengers stay high and dry. Argo’s 8x8 wheeled traction plus a selection of add-on tracks are more than a match for any kind of snow or ice conditions.

Safari Operations
With their low center of gravity and fully sealed body, Argo UTVs provide a safer way to carry your customers, their gear and their supplies to the world’s best hunting grounds. Argo dependability is the surest way to get everyone home safe. With optional ROPS, roofs and canvas sides, security and comfort are just part of Argo’s total safari experience.