Get there safe, and leave without a trace

When your morning commute includes rocks, muck, rivers and hills, Argo is the way to go. Whether you’re heading out to prospect new exploration sites, to survey access routes or maintain your work site, Argos can take you there with room and horsepower to spare.

The safety of your people and equipment is built into the full line of Argo XTVs. Their low center of gravity – the industry’s lowest by far – ensures stability, especially on uneven terrain and severe slopes. A rugged, fully sealed body plus ROPS cages put a protective shell around delicate instruments while keeping crews safe and dry.

A host of available attachments are available to turn your Argo into an extreme terrain workshop. Add-on tracks let Argo float over the most environmentally sensitive areas with ground pressure lighter than a man’s footprint.

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Argo knows a thing or two about exploration, after developing the mobility platform for the Canadian Space Agency’s new lunar rover. Just imagine where Argo can take you now, here on earth! Extreme terrain and extreme weather are all in a day’s work, with the durability and safety-conscious design to take on uncharted territory and then get you home again.

You have to travel the land to get the lay of the land, and Argo is the one way to travel anywhere you need to go. With a footprint that’s lighter than yours, Argo's let you tread the most sensitive or treacherous terrain more quickly than you can on foot, and lets you keep more tools close at hand. Whether you face deep bush or deep water, Argo’s 8x8 mobility keeps you moving.

Core collection
Your job is tough, but Argo is tougher. The industry leader for low ground pressure, low center of gravity, 8x8 traction and amazing agility in constricted areas, Argo is the mobile support system that lets you go further, cover more ground, stay out longer and bring more home.

Argo shares your spirit of adventure, as embodied in the rugged 8x8 XTV family. Versatile and dependable, the Argos let your work crews get the job done in any weather, extending your work season while they save you time and money in the field. Bush, rock, sand, snow, or swamp will not get in the way of a successful mission when you’re on board an Argo.

“Do no harm” while you explore and report on fragile vegetation and soil structures. Built tough, Argo"s are engineered to tread softly. With their minimal ground pressure, the impact of the Argo vehicle is actually lighter than an adult’s footstep! Their fully sealed body protects the environment from any contamination by vehicle fluids, while measures to contain heat and sparks keep fire hazards to the minimum in dry seasons.

Walking On Water (nearly)

There has been a requirement to drill and sample the sea bed in the Port Hedland harbour and peripheral areas of the harbour such as mud flats and Mangrove forests, for the RGP 5 project. To get into these areas at high tide is not such a problem, but at low tide it is very difficult and hazardous due to low water levels and mud.Conventional vehicles are no good nor are boats. What we needed was something that could float and drive on mud, and was environmentally friendly.

Therefore the Argo all terrain vehicle which can run on water, mud or dry land was purchased for the ADP Port projects. The Argo’s tracks reduce the ground bearing pressure when fully loaded to 4.6 kPa (0.67 PSI) allowing the vehicle to traverse soft areas that would be difficult or impossible to access on foot. To date, the Argo has been used to ferry drillers to the Jack Up barge in the harbour and to transport scientists and researchers on the mud flats to collect samples.

The Argo is fitted with various safety accessories including; ROP S, forward facing seats, seatbelts, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, battery isolation, lights on feature, reflectorised striping, rotating beacon, hand holds, radio communications, additional lighting, sun canopy, and reversing and handbrake alarms. A Ferno 71stretcher and custom rack is also fitted for emergency rescue.

The Argo now has a towable trailer which handles exactly the same terrain as the Argo itself and a brand new easy access trailer for transport to and from the marine areas. This was a very good initiative started and handled by Gary May, the Environmental Superintendent for the MPD JV at the ADP Port projects. Well done Gary and thanks for your ideas and continued contribution to HSEC.

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