Mobility to get you out of the woods

Working in the woods presents unique challenges that rely on equally unique solutions. And Argo XTVs are uniquely suited to the task.

Where the trails end, Argo’s 8x8 mobility keeps on going over the rocks and stumps, through the snow and bog, up the slopes and across the streams. With the industry’s lowest center of gravity there’s no safer way to deliver personnel or supplies without fear of roll-overs.

At a cost significantly less than heavy mobile equipment, Argo's extend your work season by keeping camps accessible and supply lines moving. With their renowned reliability, every day is a productive day for Argo.

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Logging operations
With its selection of flatbed decks, dump box and add-on equipment, Argo's easily adapt to the work at hand. Its flexibility – as both a vehicle and a multi-purpose tool carrier – makes it a cost-effective investment for remote work sites. Along with their base load capacity, Argo vehicles pitch in with the pulling and hauling using the optional 4000 lb winch towing up to 2000 lb (907 kg) behind.

Argo XTVs are built to lead the way into new territory and open the road for others to follow. There’s no need to stick to the old trails – Argo makes its own! Survey and camp crews arrive safely to even the most remote sites with equipment and supplies in tow to get the building under way.

“Do no harm” while you explore and report on fragile vegetation and soil structures. Built tough, Argo's are engineered to tread softly. With their minimal ground pressure, the impact of the Argo vehicle is actually lighter than an adult’s footstep! Their fully sealed body protects the environment from any contamination by vehicle fluids, kept safely contained within the hull.

Fire Prevention
When the risk of fire is at its worst, Argo moves out safely with engineered measures to contain heat and minimize sparks. Fitted out with optional pumps and sprayers, Argo's become a mobile firefighting system complete with fire suppression equipment and crews.    

Wildlife Research
Argo can take you deep into where the wildlife lives, without risking damage to their native habitats. From rocky peaks to rich wetlands, Argo XTVs leave the lightest possible footprint as it scrambles, climbs and swims to bring observers up close and personal with their subjects.

The ARGO Tractor Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs!

Using the ARGO tractor to seed native prairie grasses

As owner and operator of Native Prairie Restorations in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jim Shaeffer had been establishing prairie grasses through conventional planting methods for about 10 years. He and fellow members of the conservation group Pheasants Forever determined that broadcast seeding on prepared soil or bean stubble would be a good way to establish grasses during the winter months, when planting would not normally occur. 'The inherent problem, however, is that standard tractor tires exert too much pressure on the ground and leave ruts in the late winter/early spring mud,' said Shaeffer.
That was the problem he faced until he discovered the ARGO Avenger. This  ARGO tractor  is a state-of-the- off-road utility tractor  with a load capacity of 1200  pounds on ground-based applications.

Here are the key benefits:

Extended Planting Season

Shaeffer maintains that using the ARGO Tractor  in a tracked configuration to pull a Truax drop seeder or to mount an electric Truax broadcast seeder would allow an extended planting season. 'The typical planting 'window' is 8 weeks long (April 15 - June 15). Frost seeding extends that season by up to 16 weeks (November 15 - March 15) for a total planting season of 24 weeks, thereby increasing the planting window by 200%,' he explains. Once the seeds are dispersed on top of the soil, the freezing and thawing action that occurs naturally throughout the winter would result in the seeds being 'planted' at the proper depth of ¼ inch.

Ability to Seed in Any Weather Condition with Any Soil Consistency

Anyone in the business can testify that lost time in the field means lost revenue. Shaeffer has found that the ARGO Tractor  allows broadcast seeding in virtually any weather condition except winds exceeding 10 mph or snow deeper than 2 inches. The same parameters for snowfall apply when using a Truax drop seeder, but wind speed is not a factor. In either application, the ARGO Tractor's multi-purpose track system provides excellent performance going over rocks, through mud, and on snow.

Reduced Soil Compaction

According to Shaeffer, conventional planting with a tractor exerts approximately 28 pounds per square inch (psi) on the ground, while the human footprint exerts 7-8 psi. An unloaded ARGO Tractor equipped with 15' multi-purpose tracks exerts only 1.5 psi, thereby substantially reducing ground pressure and soil compaction during planting.

Ability to Negotiate Swamps  and Difficult Terrain

In addition to providing dependable performance on rocks, mud, and snow, the ARGO Tractor 's  design makes it the perfect vehicle for overcoming obstacles that lie between where you are and where you plan to seed.
Its low center of gravity and 8' of ground clearance ensure safe operation on steep banks. 'Native prairie grasses are used increasingly in areas where steep slopes cause severe soil erosion problems. The extensive root system of native prairie plants binds the soil and reduces the severity of erosion,' explains Shaeffer.

Ability to Pull Seeder Easily

The ARGO Tractor  has a towing capacity of 1800 pounds, with 200 pounds of tongue weight. The Truax drop seeder weighs only 700 pounds, with a tongue weight of 100 pounds. Therefore, using the ARGO Tractor  for the purpose of drop seeding exerts little strain on the system.

Ability to Carry Extra Supply of Seed

The Truax drop seeder holds a 4-acre supply of seed. Another 20 acres of seed can be stored in the back of the ARGO Tractor. 'This reduces time lost to leaving the field to replenish seed supply,' says Shaeffer.

Fuel Efficiency

Efficient fuel consumption is another of the ARGO Tractor's admirable qualities. It performs all that is asked of it using only one gallon of fuel per hour. The 11.1-gallon tank keeps you in the field for about 8-10 hours without worrying about refueling. 'With a conventional tractor and no-till drill, fuel consumption for the same number of acres can be 4-5 times that of the ARGO Tractor ,' Shaeffer estimates.

Reduced Driver Orientation Period

Because the ARGO Tractor  uses conventional automotive controls and gauges, there is little need for driver training. Likewise, the ARGO's zero turning radius contributes to ease of operation, even in challenging conditions.

Available Options

The ARGO Tractor  can be fitted with a variety of optional accessories to maximize function, safety, and comfort. One practical option is the cab heater, which comes equipped with a three-speed dual fan motor. 'Operators who wish to optimize comfort in the enclosed cab during winter use will appreciate this feature,' says Shaeffer.
Another practical option is the receiver winch kit for use in the unlikely event the vehicle gets stuck or high-centered. Mounting brackets and quick-disconnect cables allow winching from either front or rear.

Other Uses

According to Shaeffer, the ARGO Tractor  is ideally suited to a myriad of additional uses. 'For example, it can be used for broadcast or drop seeding to establish alfalfa, timothy, clover, and other small diameter seeds in the same winter time-frames described above,' he explains. It could also be used to apply herbicides once seedlings are established  and to manage prescribed burns that should be done every 3-4 years in native grass establishments.


Clearly, the ARGO Tractor's unique engineering and design features contribute to this owner's confidence in completing the job safely, efficiently, and easily. Its year-round capacity makes it a reliable 'partner,' even in extreme conditions