Deployable, dependable, adaptable -- ARGO XTVs, a versatile light vehicle platform, are the affordable solution for a host of military requirements.

Already in service with forces worldwide, ARGO vehicles take on missions ranging from logistics support to reconnaissance to command posts. Built to traverse any terrain with up to 1500 lbs / 680 kg of cargo, Argo's also become rapidly air-mobile with an optional 4-point lift hitch, allowing sling loading by a helicopter.

Strong-yet-lightweight ARGO XTVs are also used as the chassis for Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) roles, providing a low-profile 6x6 or 8x8 platform for remote-operated security, patrol and material handling tasks. The Canadian Space Agency chose Argo as the mobility system for its development of a new lunar rover. Equally at home in desert sand or arctic snow, from mountain peaks to forest bogs, Argo is truly “mission ready” anywhere on earth – and beyond!

Tactical Vehicles
In today’s military and peacekeeping operations, Argo sets the standard for rugged dependability. As a personnel carrier, equipment hauler, engineer support vehicle or hazardous material handler, Argo delivers troops and materiel surely and securely with maximum payloads to make the most of every sortie.

Unmanned Vehicles
Rugged and reliable - the Argo is the ideal vehicle for unmanned surveillance and scouting missions in the most difficult terrain. Capable of traversing pre-specified paths autonomously, the Argo provides reliable protection to troops in hazardous situations. Gas, diesel or electrically powered, the Argo 8x8 platform adapts to every requirement for remote operated and robotic systems.

Tank Targets
With its exceptional mobility, low profile and high ground clearance, Argo is an ideal vehicle for tank targeting in the widest possible range of terrain conditions. Use unmanned Argo's to program your selection of pre-specified courses for the target to navigate, or put live drivers at the helm in order to learn how to use terrain features creatively.

Mine Sweeping
UXO clearance is a slow, dangerous and expensive operation. Outfitted with a specialized Argo platform however, you can conduct the mission in the safest, most sensitive and cost effective manner. Remotely operated Argo vehicles foray into almost any terrain that foot soldiers can go to secure the path and dispose of hazards safely.

Humanitarian Aid
When troops are deployed to support communities in times of disaster, Argo provides the mobility and payload capacity to deliver aid wherever it’s needed. Argo's combine industry-leading stability with ground pressure as light as your footstep to negotiate debris fields and treacherous ground conditions safely for up of 3,500 lb (1588 kg) of personnel and supplies

ARGO Supports Operation Nunalivut in the High Arctic

In April 2016, two ARGO military models were deployed in support of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Operation Nunalivut in the North Pole. Seeking an all-terrain vehicle capable of withstanding the extreme climatic conditions and challenging terrain of Canada’s high north, the Canadian Army opted to trial a pair of ARGO MIL-XT-AM’s. Read more. 

TDU Mobile Command Control Shelter
Developed by Turkish based, TDU Defence Systems, the Mobile Command Control Shelter is the ultimate ARGO aftermarket solution for a host of military requirements. Ready to use in 10 minutes, complete with a multispectral camouflage net, TDU demonstrate the dependability and versatility that only the 8x8 ARGO can provide, overcoming all terrain and weather conditions to transport personnel and equipment to and from the sites, quickly and safely.